International Student Accommodation

International Students House Accommodation

For all students, finding quality student housing that’s affordable can be a challenge. This can be even more so for international students – so UKEC help provide guidance to make the international student accommodation search far less stressful.

Many international students will want to live with other international students, while others will want to live with UK nationals to help immerse themselves in the culture. Both of these preferences are understandable, and we want to help you find accommodation that makes you feel at home.

How to find the cheapest accommodation in the UK for international students

The cost of international student accommodation can be a concern for many people wanting to study in the UK. You may want to search for the cheapest accommodation in the UK for international students, but you should always be mindful of scams targeting international students. UKEC can help offer international student accommodation advice.

The cost of accommodation for international students in the UK varies depending on where you study but, in general, the cost of living is far higher in London than anywhere else. Also, smaller towns will typically have cheaper accommodation than larger cities.

How UKEC can help

UKEC can help you find the most affordable international student accommodation local to your university, college, or school. This may be located in halls of residence on the campus where you’ll be studying, in private student housing halls of residence, or in local private rented accommodation.

We want to help you find international student accommodation that’s the highest quality and standards – located close to your place of study as well as public transport links. But we also want to help you find something affordable and to your taste.

Specialist International Student Accommodation Service

We offer a free specialist accommodation booking service for international students. They will help you through the international student accommodation process so you can rest assured that you have a safe and secure place to stay while you’re studying.

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