Studying in the UK

Study Guide for Life in the UK

Regardless of where you choose to study in the UK, you’ll never be too far from a major UK city where international communities have thrived, creating some of the most inclusive and exciting cultural scenes that the UK has to offer.

This includes museums, galleries, shops, sporting activities, live music, heritage sites, tourist spots, bars, pubs, nightclubs, beaches, countryside walks, and much more.

Higher education institutions across the UK will also have groups for international students to socialise with one another so they can make friends and find support. UKEC can also offer advice for studying in the UK.

Why study in the UK?

Studying in the UK can be incredibly rewarding. With many highly prestigious universities and colleges to choose from – you can find an education provider that puts you on a successful career path. Across a variety of industries, a respected qualification from a UK university is a valuable thing to have as UK qualifications are widely recognised worldwide.

Studying in the UK can have financial benefits, too. UK degrees and courses are often shorter than in other countries, meaning course fees may cost less overall, and there are many scholarships for international students available – some of which are exclusively for UKEC students. Many international students will be able to work part-time during their studies and living costs can be cheaper in the UK than in other countries.

English Language Support for International Students

While English is the primary language spoken in the UK, many higher education facilities will offer English language support for international students. This will enable you to succeed both socially and academically throughout your studies. UKEC can help you find English language support for international students.

For those students who need pre university level English language tuition, UKEC partners with over 50 English Language providers across the country. We can help place you in an appropriate place, to ensure you reach the right level of English to progress to a university.

The Right to Study in the UK (RTS)

If you choose to study in the UK, the higher education institution will need to verify your visa status prior to enrolment. You’ll need to complete their checks and demonstrate you have RTS (the right to study in the UK) – giving them evidence of your visa or immigration documents. UKEC can help support you with this process.

Our visa team provides a free service for all students using UKEC to support their university applications. This team have a 100% success rate in visa applications and can guide you through the entire process.

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