Studying in Birmingham

Studying in Birmingham as an International Student

The UK’s second largest city, Birmingham is home to a rich and diverse culture, a busy city centre, and a variety of fantastic schools and universities. Art galleries, museums, and libraries are waiting to be explored and Birmingham’s Bullring, the city’s major shopping mall, is a great place to browse on a weekend.

Student life in Birmingham

Its multicultural population means that Birmingham has some of the UK’s best authentic international cuisine. Exciting nightlife and live music can also be found in the heart of the city, while its central location in England’s midlands makes it perfect for adventures out into the British countryside.

This location also makes it a perfect spot for international students. The city has its own airport and is well-connected via train links to the rest of the country, meaning airports in Manchester and London are a short journey away. Trains to London can be booked in advance to for a surprisingly low cost and the trip will usually only take you less than two hours to arrive at the capital.

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Universities in and around Birmingham

There are a number of highly regarded higher education institutions in and around Birmingham, including some of the world’s top-ranking universities. Below is a selection of universities in the Birmingham area where you could apply as an international student.

International Student Accommodation in Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the UK’s largest cities and is known for its lively student population. Compared to other places in the country, Birmingham has more affordable accommodation options including university halls, private halls of residence, and private sector rented housing.

Affectionately known as ‘Brum’ to locals, Birmingham is a large metropolitan city where more than a quarter of the population are born outside of the UK, making it a particularly welcoming home for international students. Across its smaller towns and districts, Birmingham has a diverse range of housing options to choose from. Whether you decide to stay in the city centre, towards the outskirts, or in neighbouring areas, you’ll be able to find international student accommodation that suits your budget.

Lots of students find cheap accommodation in Birmingham for international students by choosing somewhere to live a short distance from the city and travelling into the centre for their classes. Transport links in Birmingham are quick and convenient, but the cost of this travel should be considered before you decide which option is best for you.

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