Studying in the UK from Ireland

Irish International Student Life in the UK

Many international students based in the Republic of Ireland choose to study in the UK and Northern Ireland. There are so many fantastic universities in the UK, with some of the world’s top-ranking courses available to Irish students. It’s worth noting that the university application process will begin earlier than in Ireland so you should consider your university path at least a year in advance.

UKEC works with a large number of international students who have studied for an Undergraduate programme in Ireland and wish to move to the UK for their postgraduate course. We have a team based in Dublin city centre too!

Do you have the right to begin studying in the UK from Ireland?

Irish citizens are entitled to move to the UK and study there in accordance with Common Travel Area rules. If you’re not an Irish citizen, you may still be entitled to study in the UK without a visa as long as you’ve been a resident of Ireland for at least three years before your course begins.

UKEC provide free international student support for students studying in the UK from Ireland and we can help provide you with all the information and resources you need if you’re not an Irish citizen or eligible for CTA and require a visa. Follow the link below to learn more and discover our expert immigration advice service.

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Support for students studying in the UK from Ireland

UKEC supports international students to move from Ireland to the UK to continue their studies. Whether this be from an English language course to undergraduate, or moving to a Postgraduate course, we can help make the process as easy as possible.

UKEC work with students planning on studying in the UK from Ireland, this includes preparing applications, securing scholarships and funding, and help with finding accommodation. Follow the link below for more tips for international students studying in the UK from Ireland and other countries.

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