UK International Student Fees

How much do international students pay for university in the UK?

UK university fees for international students can vary depending on where you choose to study and what you choose to study. Typically arts and humanities courses are cheaper than sciences and you will typically see international fees for UK university undergraduate degree courses costing between £11,000 – £40,000 per year and postgraduate courses costing between £9,000 – £30,000 (GBP).

You may also want to consider the length of your course. Undergraduate degrees in England, Wales, and Ireland are usually 3 years and 4 years in Scotland. Postgraduate degrees typically take 1-2 years.

How to find financial support for international students in the UK

Many international students will rely on financial support in order to fund their studies. This can include partial funding – such as paying a portion of your course fees, or full funding that covers course fees, living costs, and travel expenses. While there are many options out there, this funding can be highly competitive.

UKEC can offer guidance on financial support for international students in the UK, helping you applying for funding you may be eligible for – including scholarships for international students. We even have access to exclusive scholarships not available directly to students due to our university partnerships.

How to find cheap universities in the UK for international students

Studying can be expensive for any student, UKEC can help you find affordable courses within your budget. Just because a course is cheaper than others does not mean it is poor in quality – each university sets its international student fees independently, so you can still find excellent courses and universities that cost less.

Some universities will charge international students the same as their domestic students for their undergraduate course fees – £9,250 per year – though this is extremely rare. This is the minimum you can expect to pay for an undergraduate degree course. So if you’re looking for cheap universities in the UK for international students – look out for this figure.

To save money, you should look beyond the course fees alone and also consider the cost of accommodation. Just because you’ve found one of the cheapest universities in the UK for international students in terms of course fees – it may still be very expensive to live there.