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About BPP University

BPP University ranks 1st Place against the Russell Group of 24 leading Universities for the number of UK Postgraduate Students who went into Employment and are in Highly Skilled Occupations. In addition, 98.1%* of BPP University graduates in employment were in highly skilled occupations 15 months after graduating.

The professional university for career-focused students

At BPP University, preparing students for their future career is our absolute priority. We provide a high standard of academic teaching, as well as providing the context, skills and behaviours needed to hit the ground running in a professional role.

Professional subjects

We offer a range of courses for leading professions including accountancy, data, finance, management, nursing and technology.

Courses trusted by the industry

Our long-standing experience in training the brightest talent within leading international firms enables us to understand what they need from prospective employees. Not just academically, but in practice, too.

Simulated learning

Learning is designed to replicate practice – developing key skills and simulating typical professional responsibilities. This makes learning more engaging, more memorable to aid recall, and gets students ready for the workplace from day one.

Taught by professionals, not just tutors

Our tutors aren’t just professional lecturers. They’re also professionals of the subjects they teach – with real-life experience and credibility in the industry for their accomplishments.

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