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About SOAS University of London

SOAS is as diverse and inclusive as the city it's in. Our campus in London has one of the most international student bodies in the country, meaning you'll have the chance to make friends with people from all around the world.

Discover a lively social hub that's home to music, societies and strong student support for everyone. For decades, our Students' Union common room and bar has served as the go-to place for lively debate, discussion, music, sport screenings and meet-ups.

On campus you can also find The World's Kitchen - our on-site cafeteria offering diverse range dishes with halal and vegan options, all at an affordable price. We even have Farmer' Market every Thursday near campus! SOAS has 100+ student societies, plus a SOAS radio station and newspaper which are run by students.

If you are looking to take up a part-time job, there are also lots opportunities on campus and beyond to earn some extra cash while studying.

At SOAS, we use our expertise in Africa, Asia and the Middle East as a lens through which to interrogate the planetary questions of our time.

SOAS is home to the leading research and expertise on the global issues of today. Our students engage with our academics on these issues throughout their study.

We are uniquely placed to inform and shape current thinking about the economic, political, cultural, security and religious challenges of our world.

Our decolonial outlook on education allows us to strive for a more equal and just world through our teaching and research.  We are committed to building bridges within the global communities and forging equitable global partnerships.

We challenge perspectives, broach debate, and empower our students to question the global status quo and find solutions to the issues facing the world today.

Our programmes are taught by respected international academics with inter-disciplinary expertise.  These scholars are engaged in fieldwork and research that influences governments, industries and communities across the world.

With an explicit mandate of social justice, we bring the diversity of the world to our campus in central London. At SOAS, you will learn not only the professional skills required by your chosen field, but also the soft skills required to be an engaged and effective global citizen.

Global Top 50 for Arts and Humanities

Top 50 in the world for internationalism

#2 in the world for Development Studies

#10 in the world for Anthropology

#15 in the world for Politics

#1 in the UK for Law Research Outputs

#6 in the UK for employability outcomes

#6 in the UK for student to staff ratio

#5 in London for Accounting

#5 in London for Economics

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What their Students Say

I’ve always wanted to study SOAS. The global

aspects of the modules, the chance to learn about all different things in the world and because SOAS doesn’t take the Eurocentric model. I also knew it would give me freedom and flexibility, SOAS has definitely met my expectations.

It feels like home. The location of the campus and my student halls makes me so happy. It’s so central. Living in halls gives me that “student experience and helps me meet loads of people from different places. SOAS is

somewhere for people who are interested in global issues and learning new things. They’re genuinely kind, and positive, and help in so many ways. When I was looking for unis, I wanted that support. I wanted somewhere smaller, and a relationship with lecturers who knew me. Here, I see people l know all the time. It’s like a little bubble, and inspires me to be better.

My advice is throw yourself in the deep end. There are lots of student societies, for example. There’s a social side to it, as well as being part of a group of people who want to change the world!

BA Global Liberal Arts, Nigeria

SOAS University of London Subject Areas

Subject Areas

Accounting and Finance, Anthropology, Arts and Humanities, Business and Management, Creative Media, Economics, Environmental Studies, History, International Studies, Journalism, Publishing and Public Relations, Languages, Law, Media Studies, Music, Philosophy, Politics, Religious Studies, Social Policy and Administration, Sociology

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