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Intake Periods September 2024

About UWE Bristol

UWE Bristol is a place for you to meet new friends from around the world and learn different cultures from each other.

You can choose to live in university owned accommodation or private. You might be sharing a house or an apartment with your friends so you can prepare homecooked food and celebrate different festive seasons together.

UWE Student Union has many clubs and societies for students to join. The Union runs activities throughout the year – you will be able to find something you like and enjoy.

Study abroad can seem like a daunting experience, but UWE Bristol provides lots of free support and advice to help you to get through your degree studies. Our Centre for Sport is available for students to play squash or basketball and destress.

International students always feel safe and welcome with help everywhere. You’ll be able to settle into UWE Bristol in no time.

UWE Bristol is a modern university that pushes you to develop the skills and knowledge you need for your future career. With over 36,000 students coming from over 160 countries and more than 600 courses on offer, there’s something for everyone.

Based in Bristol, one of the UK’s most thriving and creative cities, you’ll enjoy the freedom and excitement of living in a city, but within a safe and supportive campus community.

We have an excellent reputation for graduate employability and industry partnerships so you’ll benefit from opportunities to get involved in placements, internships or live projects that equip you with the most in-demand skills, and the kind of mindset that employers want.

Bristol is a welcoming, friendly and multicultural city. It’s famous for its independent thinking, unique style and creativity. Plus it tops the polls on a regular basis – greenest city, kindest city, UK’s best city the live outside London for under 26s – to name just a few of its accolades in recent years.

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What their Students Say

“I always dreamed of being a Barrister and studying the LLB here at UWE Bristol has given me the tools I need to achieve this.

Studying Law has been a huge learning curve for me; my course wasn’t easy and has really challenged me mentally. I now understand why Law is so highly regarded and I now have a greater appreciation for it.

As I’ve progressed through my course, I have gained many news skills, such as analytical and critical thinking from an academic standpoint.

My attention to detail has also improved and I have a much deeper understanding of the subject matter. My lecturers were very good at providing feedback and clear guidance which led to an improvement in my assessments.

Study abroad is not just about academic but also ensuring a positive balance with a social life. I joined the UWE Muay Thai Club.

Muay Thai is a martial art that I compete in and has really added value to not only my experience but also my life. Through the club I’ve represented UWE and have made some of my closest friends.

Overall, studying at UWE Bristol has really helped me to build my confidence.”

LLB Law, Zambia

“When I arrived, I quickly discovered that Bristol is an extremely friendly, creative and lovely place to live. It has lots of parks to spend time in and there are frequent art events held throughout the city. I could never get bored of it.

Similar to the city itself, UWE Bristol’s facilities are highly supportive of artists. There’s plenty of space to work on whatever you desire, from animating to editing to sound recording and more. The library has thousands of art books and magazines from different countries and time periods to look through, providing ample resources for research, inspiration and enjoyment.

One thing I appreciated about the course was how much freedom I had to choose the direction of my work. I dabbled in a wide range of animation techniques that I was exposed to in my workshops and lectures, and I learned things that I had previously not even considered.

Since graduating from UWE Bristol, I’ve found an abundance of work in the UK. I worked on a three-month freelance project, commissioned by the BBC, to promote an understanding of the Lunar New Year to children.”

BA(Hons) Animation, Hong Kong

UWE Bristol Subject Areas

Subject Areas

Accounting and Finance, Aerospace and Manufacturing Engineering, Arts and Humanities, Biology, Business and Management, Civil Engineering, Computing and IT, Construction, Creative Media, Creative Writing, Criminology, Design and Crafts, Drama and Dance, Economics, Education, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, English and Creative Writing, English Literature, Environmental Studies, Forensic Science and Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Studies, Health and Social Care, History, Hospitality, Event Management and Tourism, International Relations, Journalism, Publishing and Public Relations, Law, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Nursing and Midwifery, Philosophy, Physiotherapy, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, Supply Chain and Logistics

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