Our People

Our people at UKEC are highly trained counsellors with a wealth of experience. Many themselves are graduates from UK universities and are keen to assist other students into UK education.

With in-house training, regular updates on the international student recruitment space and closely working with student recruitment officers from over 120 universities, our people are what makes us a success!

Each employee is nurtured into a meaningful career at UKEC and specialise in the areas of student finance, visas, accommodation, career support and much more!

To ensure we provide a high level of localised support for international students, our offices are based around the world.

Whether you are part of our specialist student support teams, an agent, lecturer or operational, our teams make UKEC a success.

Honing in on our values as an organisation and our dedication to learner outcomes, our teams across all nations combine to form a global network of highly regarded specialists in the international recruitment space.

All of our teams are specifically trained in all aspects of student recruitment, including providing extra support for accommodation, VISA applications, finance and much more

Our people are our success

“I love working at UKEC. Having the opportunity to support students from all over the world into the UK, and into their chose universities gives me immense job satisfaction.

Mostly, I enjoy watching them learn, grow and succeed into meaningful careers and I am always proud of what I see them achieve.”

Linh Dao
Senior Student Recruitment Officer
Linh Dao working