Month: November 2023

Deepavali Dinner with the Liverpool Malaysian Student Society

Posted on 24th November 2023 in General

Two weeks ago, we came together for a vibrant Deepavali dinner with our partner, the Liverpool Malaysian Student Society! 🎉 The evening was a celebration of cultural diversity and friendship,…

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Welcome Australian National University To UKEC Headquarters in Manchester

Posted on 16th November 2023 in UKEC News

This Tuesday, our UKEC Headquarters in Manchester buzzed with excitement as we welcomed the esteemed representative from the Australian National University @ouranu (ANU). Why study at ANU as an international student? 🎯…

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Big Success! UKEC Virtual Law Fair 2023

Posted on 14th November 2023 in UKEC News

Celebrating Success at Our Virtual Law Fair! We’re delighted to share the success of last Saturday’s Virtual Law Fair! Approximately 50 international students joined us for an insightful session with…

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Welcome the University of Adelaide to UKEC Headquarters in Manchester

Posted on 9th November 2023 in General, UKEC News

Fantastic news from Australia! 🌏 Yesterday, we were honored to host a delegation from the prestigious University of Adelaide at the UKEC headquarters in Manchester. This collaboration opens up incredible…

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A BIG SUCCESS At The UKEC University Fair In Cardiff

Posted on 7th November 2023 in UKEC News

We are delighted to announce yet another successful University Fair in Cardiff! With over 100 international students in attendance, the fair, organised by UKEC United Kingdom Education Centre, proved to…

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