Monash University Accelerated Bachelor and Master’s Program

Posted on 5th December 2022 in General

At Monash Arts, eligible students are able to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in just four* years. After completing two years of a bachelor’s course, and providing students are high-achieving, they are able to take master’s -level units as electives in their third-year.

Monash University Green Chem Building exterior, complete with abstract sculpture

The Bachelor + Master’s program allows students to:

  • Fast track studies, allowing students to graduate with an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in just four years – instead of five*
  • Take advantage of the most extensive Bachelor + Master’s offering in Australia
  • Become more employable with two degrees and specialist knowledge
  • Save time by completing your Bachelor + Master’s degrees in only four* years.
  • Save on fees by continuing to pay Bachelor degree fees when they commence their Master’s in 3rd year leaving them with only one year of master’s fees.

DID YOU KNOW?            
Bachelor + Master’s program students have access to both undergraduate and graduate level Arts internships offered by many providers across Australia and globally.

To view the full list of courses available as part of the Bachelor + Master’s program, visit the Monash Arts website or contact us here at UKEC today.