Studying in Manchester

Studying in Manchester as an international student

Manchester is an incredible city in the north of England with a large student population across multiple universities. The city boasts a world-famous music scene as well as some amazing shopping districts. Known for its diverse culture, Manchester benefits from multicultural food outlets, independent boutiques, and fascinating street art.

Student life in Manchester

Sometimes referred to as the capital of the north of England, Manchester is a friendly and welcoming place with a strong local cultural identity. The city has arguably some of the best nightlife of any city in the UK with many pubs, clubs, and bars to explore. It also has some fantastic galleries, libraries, museums, and cafes to be enjoyed in the daytime too.

Comparable to London in its scope, Manchester has a large city centre as well as an expansive surrounding region, called Greater Manchester. The entire area is connected by excellent transport links, including one of the UK’s only tram systems, as well as a large international airport nearby. Manchester is also near to some of England’s most beautiful sights, including the Peak District National Park and the north-west coastline.

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Universities near Manchester

There are several popular higher education institutions in and around Manchester, including some of the highest ranking in the world. Below are just some of the universities around Manchester where you could apply as an international student.

International Student Accommodation in Manchester

Not just known for its world-class universities, Manchester is also far more affordable than other cities in the UK. It has one of the largest student populations in Europe, so there’s lots of options available for students seeking accommodation, including university halls, private halls of residence, and private renting.

Lots of students find cheap accommodation in Manchester for international students by choosing somewhere to live a short distance from the city centre and travelling to their classes. Transport links in Manchester are very quick and convenient, but the cost of this travel should be considered before you decide which option is best for you.

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